Permaculture for Systemic Change

Imagine a world in which we rethink how to solve some of humanity’s most pressing problems by creating local solutions. Imagine a world where we make beautiful organic soil, so full of life that it enlivens the plants that feed us, supporting robust health. Imagine a world where waste is a resource to be used creatively for restoring the land, for building, for artful design. Imagine a world where buildings feel as if they grew right out of the earth, using your hands, hearts and minds. At Deep Dirt Farm Institute we not only imagine this ~ it is our way of life and we want to share it with you.

Often times when we read about producing our own organic food, or creating less waste, or re-using the resources around us that we might have thrown away, it feels hard to even know where to start. Once we do begin, the work sometimes seems unending or expensive, and we may feel we need to compromise our desire to live with beauty, ease, and comfort in our desire to “do the right thing” for our planet. 

Deep Dirt Farm is unique in its practice of creating stunning and artful ways to live out our values, and is demonstrating this in one of the most surprising and remarkable landscapes on Earth- the Sonoran Desert. Using permaculture design techniques, collaborative farming practices, land and water restoration methods, and much more, Deep Dirt Farm practices a locally specific and purposeful approach to living with abundance and living well.

For the past 8 years Kate Tirion and her husband Richard Connolly have been cultivating, building and teaching permaculture, organic, sustainable farming, and blacksmithing from Deep Dirt Farm Institute in Patagonia, Arizona. The Institute is located at Deep Dirt Farm, which comprises 34 acres with deep agricultural soils, bisected by an ephemeral stream and wildlife corridor. The farm lies within a folded topography of hills, small sheltered valleys & broad meadow. Thousands of students, young and old alike, have been drawn throughout the years to come to learn and participate in workshops and retreats and seminars, learning from these remarkable people and their community. The result of this hands-on learning has been revolutionary, with folks leaving empowered to create their own sustainable projects when they return home. Now, they’ve asked for more, and Deep Dirt has heard the call.

Deep Dirt Farm Institute is now preparing for significant growth in its facilities and programs to accommodate even more new students over the coming 3 years. We need your help today! Your support will enable Deep Dirt Farm Institute to add needed buildings and features to enhance the current curriculum and expand the Institute's teaching facilities to reach more people starting in 2016.

Show your support now and make a measurable difference in the planet this year! Join us and participate in a totally unique, revitalizing and restorative week or weekend retreat and come away refreshed and educated how to support yourself, your family and your local community through organic, sustainable farming techniques, restoration practices, and permaculture design you can use anywhere!